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Doing India an Injustice March 28, 2013

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When we were talking to people in Sri Lanka about where we should go in India, everyone insisted that 12 days was not long enough to see anything, and that we were crazy to try. Well, that sounded like a challenge I was willing to accept, so here we are, almost done with our whirlwind exploration of this ridiculously large, complex nation.

After my last post from Kandy, we took a bus to Colombo, then a plane to Chennai, Bangalore, and finally Goa. It was a long, painful 24 hours. We ended up in a little village called Arambol, which is packed to the brim with Russian and Israeli tourists in what appears to be a market place for Burning Man fashions. Rather unsettling, really. Image

We hiked out to see a really cool, apparently sacred Banyan tree.


After visiting the tree, we gave ourselves spa treatments with some sulfurous mud from a nearby river.


Proof that I’m eating amazing food.


Next up, we took a rocking and rolling night bus to a surreal landscape known to the locals as Hampi. The rocks were nuts. I took too many pictures of them. Image 

On our second morning, we paid for some under-aged Indian kids to take us by boat to a monkey temple high up on a hill for sunrise. Image

There were a bunch of mean monkeys up there. They don’t look too mean in the pictures, but don’t be fooled.


Tiny baby monkey.Image


Larger, friendlier monkey.


Charles was doing a monkey video when one of them stole his water bottle. It’s worth a watch.

One of the Indian children who labored to paddle some overweight Americans around at the break of dawn.Image

Next, wee took a much more pleasant overnight bus ride to Mumbai, then flew to Jodhpur. Unbeknownst to us, we were attempting to travel right before a major holiday called Holi, so all the buses were booked by people going home to be with family. Jodhpur is known as the Blue City. It has an amazing, enormous fort built on a hill, which I don’t have a picture of, but here are some shots from the fort.Image



Holi was COMPLETE INSANITY. It’s like a country-wide color fight. Definitely something that needs to happen in the US.




That’s all for now. Next up, the last few days of India before we fly to Nepal on April 1st.


5 Responses to “Doing India an Injustice”

  1. mary Says:

    the epic adventure continues! really enjoyed the monkey video.

  2. Uncle Laurence Says:

    Yes – by and large, monkeys are not friendly. I think the ones considered “holy” are especially nasty because they seem to know it’s forbidden to harm them in any way!

    Glad you’re enjoying yourselves! Martha and I are off to Spain on April 1; she’s coming home after a week, but I’ll be gone for three more, including two weeks in Israel at Shevet Achim ( 🙂

  3. jmorris26 Says:

    I think one of those monkeys had cancer in his face. Glad to see you guys are doing OK. Stay safe.

  4. So, next year when you’re back in the Bay Area suffering Holi withdrawal, you might try a short trip to Spanish Fork:

  5. Stefanie B. Says:

    doing this blog an injustice…

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