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Leaving Sri Lanka March 20, 2013

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I last wrote soon after we arrived in Arugam Bay. Somehow, almost a week later, I have little to report beyond some pretty boring accounts of major relaxation. We filled our days with playing at the beach, reading, sleeping, and cribbage. It was amazing. We moved from our tree house room to one on the beach. ImageImage

View from the bed.


Charles did a bunch of surfing.


Here’s videographic proof of him standing up on the board. I decided to be nice and not post any of the other ten clips I have of him just falling a lot.

There were lots of cool boats. Image

On our last full day, we rented some scooters and motored over to a place called Kudimbigala, which is an old buddhist hermitage built in 246 B.C. amongst a bunch of caves. Very cool.



The front of me, and the back of a religiously significant statue.



Little temple built under a rock.




Piles of rocks.


Sweaty view from the top.


Yesterday we suffered through another long day of bus riding to get back to Kandy, where we’re completing the final step necessary to get our Indian visas.

Today is my birthday in Sri Lanka! We had a nice climb up some hills in Kandy after breakfast.


And then had some dosai for lunch. I love the food here.


This evening we’ll pick up our passports, then go back to Colombo. We’re pampering ourselves with a night spent half-sleeping in airport chairs before a 5am flight out of Sri Lanka.

Next up, more beach time in Arambol, Goa!


6 Responses to “Leaving Sri Lanka”

  1. Frank Morris Says:

    These are some beautiful shots. I guess there are definitely worse places/ways to spend your 33 birthday!! Thanks for sharing. UF and AT

  2. Xan Says:

    Happy birthday Margy! Thinking of you all day today. And lots on other days too. Looks like a beautiful and relaxing trip so far, good luck on the next leg! Love from the little Johnson family.

  3. Mom Says:

    Love the little temple under the rock. How cool. Great shot of the boat too. You’ll always remember your
    33rd birthday. I just spent five minutes trying to remember mine…total blank.

  4. mary Says:

    Happy Birthday Margy! Love the beach front accommodations.

  5. Uncle Laurence Says:

    Shame on Uncle Laurence for missing your birthday! Memorable as it was for you, I guess you did fine without my help. 🙂

  6. jmorris26 Says:

    Love the temple built into the rocks, very cool. Reminds me of a super villain’s hideout. Happy Birthday, as well. Stay safe out there.

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